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So now I have another reason to blog. Eileen is reading my blogs. This is something she doesn’t usually do since they are redundant with my incessant babble.

I am a hundred pages or so into Gaiman’s Ocean at the End of the Road. I had weird dreams last night and wonder if the two are related.

Last night my Dad was in my dream and he was dead. For some reason I had his body in the back of my car and was driving around. It seems that I visited two hospitals. Eileen and Sarah were at the first hospital. Sarah wanted to play a word game with me on her computer. Then, I think I was looking for someone to take my blood pressure at a different hospital. In both cases Dad’s body just happen to be along. Also weirdly I was rolling his body around on a gurney as I tried to get someone to help me at the second hospital. I stepped away from him for a moment. When I returned a portly nurse/guard had rigged him up as though he were a patient with a very elaborate blood pressure device. This included little posts that seemed to be screwed into his skin over which a rubber tube ran. I began yelling that he was dead. At the same time I noticed that Dad was sitting up and yelling nonsense at a couple of near by people. He was louder than me. The nurse/guard seemed very distressed and looked as though he were going to pull a gun on me. I leaned over and whispered it to Dad’s ear that everything was alright. Despite the fact that Dad was talking and moving, I told the nurse he had been dead for a week and a half but if he, the nurse, could get him respond to go for it.

It was a exactly a nightmare. But it was weird and a bit upsetting.

The night before I dreamed I was chatting with a man at some sort of religious conference. Noticing that some of my children in the dream were quickly picking up and using “God” language I said something about how I am practically an atheist and didn’t appreciate the indoctrination of my children. The man who vaguely resembled Neil Gaiman and I seem to hit it off. I might be remembering this wrong since it was before I found the Neil Gaiman video I posted yesterday. I told the dream guy my name and asked him his. He was slow to tell me. His first name was Birch but his surname was more complicated and started with AT…. . I tried to write it down and noticed that it was written on the wall behind him in English and then spelled out in Greek. It was obviously a Greek name. I told him that I was learning Greek. He told me the study of ancient Greek was something he especially enjoyed. I was getting very enthused about meeting him in the dream. I had found someone to talk to. I asked him where he lived and it turned out that he lived near my grand kids in Southern California. I told him I would like to work my annual visit to them around times we could get together.

I woke and found this dream very amusing.

Tuesday are days I get to pretty much do what I want. Today that will be studying and reading. (Surprise) I didn’t get to the library yesterday but I did clear the steps of snow for my student’s visit. I’ll probably go out today in the car to pick up a prescription and possibly some groceries. That trip will include a library stop, I’m sure.

I brought my Vaughan Williams scores home. I have been listening to his Oboe Concerto quite a bit. I have a score and a piano accompaniment of it.

I miss Eileen but I’m doing okay.

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