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Whew. Yesterday was literally a very long day for me. I got up around 5 AM on Thursday Sept 25 China time. That would would be 5 PM Wed Holland Michigan Time. My day ended at around 10 PM Thursday Holland Time which would have been 10 AM Friday China Time. By my reckoning I was going for about 30 hours straight. No wonder I’m a bit tired today.

I did nod off a few times on the airplane but not very much.

I woke up at 5 AM this morning (local time) but fell back asleep until about 9.

I enjoyed my China visit in many ways. Probably the best part was seeing fam especially the new member, Alexandra Daum Jenkins.



Of course it was excellent to see everyone else as well.







This next one is actually my favorite picture of the trip.



The first time Eileen held Alex. Boy had she looked forward to that!

Well that’s all for today folks. I have some serious resting to do.

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