goofy shit

Boy yesterday was another long one. Started out the day sitting in the dentist chair getting two fillings (instead of the expensive needed crowns). Then various errands and goofy shit all day. Ended up in a choir rehearsal once again helping a befuddled choir member get the right music out.

It turns out Huntington bank made an error but I’m skeptical that Mom will get a refund or recompense out of it. Last year, we applied for several transfer of assets from the many banks where my Dad had put his accounts. At one of these banks (State Bank), we mistakenly filled out the application in Dad’s name instead of Mom’s even though her name was plainly at the top of the attached statement. State Bank rejected the request for transfer of assets out of hand. Huntington  did not notify her. So when it came time to madly declare all the assets before the end of Jan 2009 (the month Dad entered long term care), we were unaware that this asset was not part of the money at Mom’s bank and did not put it on the asset declaration. It’s around 10k in undeclared moola.

What this means is that Medicaid is quite likely to make us pay for Dad’s January care ($4200.00) instead of covering this for us. If this happens, I am going to rattle cages at Huntington but I’m pretty purchase diazepam uk sure we will get screwed out of this money. Thanks again, Huntington.. God I hate money.

I started practicing in earnest for my March gig yesterday. I rented an accoustic piano for this gig. It will cost me 175.00 to rent. I am planning on paying the musicians who play. At 50.00 a service this could easily run me another $300.00 (that would be one rehearsal and one performance).  So it’s probably going to cost me in the neighborhood of $475.00 to play. 

I considered soliciting sponsorship from people I know. People whose last name is not the same as mine. Ahem. My Mom volunteered some money. I hate solicitation and self promotion. But apparently not self indulgence. So I guess I’m going to eat the cost of this performance so I might as well enjoy it.

I started trying to figure out “They Just Got Married” off Randy Newman’s record yesterday. My piano’s not quite in tune with his so that was kind of fun. I like this song and I like it when Newman gets funny and bitter (The “Anyway she died” line cracks me up every time).

I’m also re-arranging songs for this gig. I hate doing the same shit. 

Although I have another round robin of tasks today, it should be a bit lighter and (here’s a bright spot) Eileen has the day off from work.

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