getting the groove back


Robert Greenberg writes in such a goofy chatty way in his book on music history that I hear his voice a bit like Jiminy Cricket. I’m reading this book because I gave it to my grandson the pianist for Christmas and I wanted to know what exactly was in it. So far there have only been a few errors.

One aspect of Eileen’s retirement is that it’s much harder to keep Christmas secrets. Yesterday I broke down and told her I was going off to “see Santa.” Sheesh. In the past, I have been able to be much more sneaky about it.

We have a tree. It’s not decorated yet. I think I like it just as much undecorated as decorated.

Yesterday I felt as though I was getting my “groove” back. Essentially this means that I can see myself and my work with a bit better perspective.

However, I do start this day a bit tired from yesterday. I will need to take it easy today so I can do the two services this evening. I had four people missing from choir rehearsal last night. One of them had heart surgery yesterday. He is our youngest member and we all have been terrified about this upcoming non-optional procedure. Another member missing was his grandmother, the retired law prof. Two people just didn’t show.

In the words of Murray, “It just doesn’t matter!”

I think it has helped my morale to share a bunch of weird Christmas music on Facebooger. Many years ago John Waters did an album of Christmas music. It takes a typical Waters perverse sense of humor approach to a time of year that is (I say to my boss) the “silly season.” People out of control.

Here are a few videos I shared yesterday (sorry people who follow me on Facebooger, but not all readers here do…. there are links under the videos.)

The following video combines the 1975 recording with the later movie. I agree with the person who did this that the music is much better originally performed by The Who.

Mystery Cloaks a North Korean Pop Band’s Canceled Beijing Dates – The New York Times

I have been following this story. I even watched a NYT video of the band rehearsing in China. I guess that’s not going to happen now.

Spanish Election Marks Another Rejection of Austerity – The New York Times

This is encouraging.

Obama Accuses Trump of Exploiting Working-Class Fears – The New York Times


After Poaching Deaths, Elephants Rearrange Families – The New York Times

They didn’t track the males. Sorry, boys, it’s a the females that are important.

A Prescription for Confusion: When to Take All Those Pills – The New York Times

After nursing my dying father through a confusing (and in one case badly prescribed) pill regimen, I find myself more interested in stories like this. I take several pills a day myself. Sheesh.

Sued Over Old Debt, and Blocked From Suing Back – The New York Times

I know about these laws. Do you know about these laws? We’re fucked. Thanks again people in the government who don’t give a shit about the public good.




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