getting old is no fun


So the allergist appointment did not last three hours, thank goodness. Now I have had two specialists tell me they think my rash was a reaction to Losartan, the blood pressure medicine my GP substituted for Valsartan. The allergist said it was unlikely that the asbestos removal and new heating/central air had anything to do with  my reaction. She did test me for general food allergies and came up with nothing. She recommended that I go as hypo allergenic as possible and reviewed all of the health products I use such as hand soap, shampoo, and that sort of thing. She also did not like Dawn dish liquid. Basically we are changing all our products to ones that the allergist recommends. She also represcribed the topical steroid I have been using in an ointment instead of a cream. I will see her again in six weeks.

I managed to give an organ lesson, but by the time I was done I was too pooped to practice and came home. Before the lesson Eileen and I managed to get our new Roku installed. This turned out to be a bit harder than we anticipated due to a faulty extension cord. We have moved the furniture around so that I am closer to the TV screen. I need to make an appointment to see the eye doctor since my vision is getting worse.

Getting old is no fun, but considering the alternative I am a happy camper.


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