Flying back tomorrow


Tomorrow Eileen and I get on a plane and fly back to the States. I think it has been a good time away. I feel a little bad that I wasn’t able to spend longer with the Chinese branch of the fam but maybe that will have to wait until next trip. It involves getting me a visa to go to China. But at least we saw them in Dublin.

We are heading i

nto Buckingham with Sarah and Lucy today. Sarah’s car needs an annual inspection/update and she is going to take care of that while we are in town. We were going to hire a taxi to take us from Calvert Green to Heathrow but Sarah has decided she would prefer to take us so that’s the plan for tomorrow.

I have enjoyed having time with Sarah, Matthew, and Lucy. I’m very glad we reserved and used the B and B so that we weren’t in their hair for the entire time even though they have been the most gracious of hosts. Yesterday Matthew’s sister Louisa, her son Lloyd and Matthew’s Mum dropped by for a visit. It was excellent to see them again.

We are leaving for town shortly so here’s some links I haven’t been putting up.

Homer Odyssey: Oldest extract discovered on clay tablet 

I noticed this headline and read and bookmarked this in hopes I can learn more about this. I guess Homer is kind of a theme for my summer.

Isaac Julien: Looking for Langston: Until 17 November 2019 – Display at Tate Britain | Tate

We watched a few minutes of this 44 minute video from the 80s at the Tate.

Trump Employs an Old Tactic: Using Race for Gain – The New York Times

Sorry about the instant video that starts going on this link. I hate that. But I did learn that Trump is documented with using race disputes to up his ratings on The Apprentice. Good grief.

Behind Trump’s ‘go back’ demand: A long history of rejecting ‘different’ Americans – The Washington Post

This was mentioned by someone on a podcast as a good history.

Why Some Journalists Have A Hard Time Saying The Word, ‘Racist’

An NPR report I found and plan to read.

The Racist Politics of the English Language | Boston Review

This 2018 article by Lawrence Glickman was mentioned in his recent FAIR interview.


NYTimes: The Joy of Hatred

This article reminds  me of the terrible history of lunch parties in the USA and their relationship to a Trump Rally where the crowd chanted, “Send Her Home,” about a legal American citizen they disagree with.

The world’s top 50 thinkers 2019 | Prospect Magazine

I love lists. Now I can access this from my blog on the trip tomorrow.

Our Predicament Is No Joke: On Terry Eagleton’s “Humour”

Thinking about humor.

The Absolute Originality of Georges Perec | The New Yorker

An article about a writer I like and read.
I seem to have more links but it’s time to go. Forgive the typos since I  didn’t have time to proof.

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