First monday off in a while

One benefit of moving my listening equipment into the living room is that it is now easier for me to listen to my record collection.  One of my favorite old blues recordings is the compilation “I have to paint my face.” The title track is sung by Sam Chatmon. Here it is:

Imagine my surprise when after poking around a little bit and learning more about Chatmon and this recording, I found out he was the younger brother of Leon Chatmon, singer in the Mississippi Sheiks. In fact, Sam ended up doing some singing and playing as a Mississippi Sheik.

Here is one of my all favorite, Mississippi Sheiks tunes.

I discovered them late after Bob Dylan released “Good As I Been to You” in 1992. This is  a fascinating collection of covers that inspired me to run down some of the original artists including the Sheiks.

World gone wrong, Bob Dylan, 1992

So today is my first Monday off in weeks and I’m digging it. I find it interesting that I’m turning back to some of my rougher sounds (like “I have to paint myself” and the Mississippi Sheiks). I find the blues another antidote to Xmas silly stuff.

I find living in America in this day and age largely an experience of being bombarded by falsity and outright deception. And Xmas just ups the ante.

But enough of that. The sun is shining in the cold Michigan air. It’s another good day for Jupe.


Can’t resist embedding this. One of my favorite scenes in movies. I know it’s long for people’s sensibilities these days. But I recommend taking a few minutes to watch.


Zombies in ‘Juan of the Dead’ Chomp on Cuba’s Sacred Cows –

Russian TV, Changing Its Strategy, Shows Protests –

It’s hard to deny the impact of the internet and social networks. These two stories represent what might be a sea change. Amazing to watch.


British Poet Christopher Logue Dies at 85 –

Sorry to see this guy go. I have read several of his adaptations of Homer. Also he has a rather excellent obit, in my opinion.


A Wanderer, the Singer Dion Returns to the Bronx –

Who knew this guy was still alive? They seem to be working on the 3rd (!) staging of the story of his life.


The 1 Percent Club’s Misguided Protectors –

Research in Africa has some implications for the situation in America.

Some inequality may be necessary to encourage investment for growth. But as recent research shows, intense inequality actually stunts growth, making it more difficult for countries to sustain the sort of long economic expansions that have characterized the more prosperous nations of the world.


Democracy in the Muslim Brotherhood’s Birthplace –

Nicholas Kristof continues to write surprising “on-the-ground” stories in Egypt and other middle eastern countries.


click on the link and hear a sad trombone laugh.


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