finished completely or descending back into chaos at home


It looks like we are completely finished with the construction part of the renovation. Yesterday Chris installed the shower head I ordered.



This is probably one of the happiest parts of the renovation for me. I love that I can now (again) use a hand held shower head.  It is great. I am spoiled.



The electrician changed this switch. It was a dimmer. Dimmers give off a certain amount of heat and this caused the thermostat to malfunction. Fixed.


Chris finished painting the kitchen.


Eileen cleverly chose a slightly lighter green for the rest of the room. I think it works.


Note the narrow panels on either side of the window over the sink. Heh.


You can also compare the two greens in this shot.


Since the new door to the bathroom meant that we lost an outlet, the construction involved adding this outlet to the living room. Note that one can plug four things into this outlet. Big improvement in an old house like this with too few outlets.


I spent Thursday cleaning and rearranging the living room.


Our familiar chaos has returned. But we do hope to continue organizing and getting rid of stuff. Eileen is planning to paint the new room on this floor which will eventually be the master bedroom on Friday.


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    1. Thanks. I put these kinds of posts up because I think you, Elizabeth and Sarah might be a bit interested. Hope you and fam are well.

      love from Dad

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