Draft for a Music Note for April 26, 2020


In today’s gospel, Luke describes a two-fold action of how the disciples came to be able to “know” the risen Jesus.  “Were our hearts not burning” they ask when Jesus opened up the scriptures to them while they were walking to Emmaus? Then, after Jesus takes the bread, breaks it, and blesses it in a way that reminds us of the prayers we pray at Eucharist, their “eyes were opened” and “they recognized him.” The idea of Scriptures being interpreted and bread received from the hands of Jesus is a clear picture of what Grace does when we gather for Eucharist.

Though we cannot physically share bread together at this time, we can “break open” the scriptures together by listening to Rev. Jen and open our hearts to pray with and for each other. 

It is in this spirit that I decided to transcribe a sprightly duet setting by Francois Couperin of St. Thomas Aquinas’s beautiful hymn to the Eucharist. “Zion praise thy Savior, singing” (Hymn 320 in the Hymnal 1982 and 193 and the Hymnal 1940). Couperin captures some of the original joy about the Eucharist in the 4th stanza:

Full and clear sing out thy praising,
gracious hymns of joy upraising
in thy hearts and souls today;
for today the new oblation
of the new King’s revelation
bids us feast in glad array.

Submitted by Steve Jenkins, Music Director