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Next Tuesday I am scheduled for my second colonoscopy. I guess they recommend having these every ten years and I’m due. This means on Sunday I have to watch what I eat and then a liquid fast on Monday. Also, I have to take some doses of preparatory stuff to clean out the bowels. Fun.

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Once again a church function is coming up and I am dreading having to do my part for it. This time I am supposed to play the intro to Phantom of the Opera during someone’s presentation. The presenter is also the author of the hymn I am supposed to lead. The more I think about the hymn, the worse I think it is. Ah well. I’m just the piano player.

Eileen and I walked in the snow and then treadmilled at Evergreen today. Ir’s left me pleasantly tired. I’m trying to build up energy to go out. I need to pick up some ginger ale and stuff for the upcoming colonoscopy ordeal. I also need to practice for tomorrow and post the hymns.

We are having lots of snow here in West Michigan. Winter has arrived with a vengeance. The temps have dipped below zero. I brought my apples in from the porch.  Both Eileen and I have had some apples out there. Eileen basically eats on Macintosh apples. I eat them all but like a little variety. Eileen suspected her apples of freezing and brought them in. I followed suit and did likewise.

As I prep for the colonoscopy I am obviously going to have to skip my martini and wine. I am planning on beginning that this evening. It seems to be the only way for me to lose weight. This becomes more important since I have stopped taking the blood pressure medicine that I had a reaction to. I am taking one med, but it is not enough to pull my blood pressure down into acceptable range. Losing weight and exercising will probably do this. Oy. Getting old is not always fun.

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