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I worked hard on my lecture for today’s class, but didn’t feel as effective as Tuesday. As I drove home, I recognized the feeling of sheepishness that sometimes comes over me after I babble for a while.

I saw the inside of my office for the first time today because a student asked to speak to me. There did seem to be a computer in it but I didn’t turn it on.

I have been laying on the couch reading old New York Times (I am now caught up to yesterday) and gathering strength for this evening’s Mens sectional and subsequent choir rehearsal.

I received my new job offer (these things can’t really be contracts if they can just change them at will, right?) in the mail today. I suppose this means I will not only get paid less this term (since I am only teaching one class) but also will miss the first pay period since my paperwork is arriving on the fourth day of class.

What I have learned from this is that my concept of college as a community of scholars is as defunct at GVSU as I suspected it was. I have taken to referring to myself as a subcontractor.

Anyway, even though I don’t think I was especially brilliant today, I still enjoyed it. And I think this class might be responding more than usual. They talk. Cool.

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