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not much to say today


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Last night, Eileen and I went out to eat and then to see Minita Ghandi do her one woman show, “Minita Ghandi and the Muthaland.” She was quite good. But I made the discovery that I need to get better seats since my eyesight is not what it used to be. We were in the balcony and I had trouble hearing and seeing.

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The hearing resolved itself after a while but watching one person on a stage that far away was not easy for me. I could see that she was talented. But Eileen said when we got home that she enjoyed the musical performances in this series better than the play last night.

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I especially liked the way the playwright/actress moved easily back and forth between portraying characters like her Mom and Dad and her rapist. She was actually quite good.

During the day yesterday I decided on the prelude and postlude for a week from Sunday. I’m going to do two pieces by Sweelinck. I have been thinking about this composer and realizing how little I know about him. So today I interlibrary loaned a bunch of stuff by and about him. I am thinking I could probably use more information about playing his works. They sound very cool on the organ.

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Reading online I discovered that in the familiar painting you see of Sweelinck he is actully holding his hands in two rhetorical gestures which communicate a ‘demand for silence’ and ‘to procure audience.’ Musicologists seem to love to delve into the relationship between rhetorical practices and composers like Sweelinck and Buxtehude.

Our night out last night left me exhausted today. We stayed up late afterward. As you can see, I don’t have all that much to talk about today. I think it’s because I’m so tired.

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not fit to be with man nor beast


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I went a little crazy on Tuesday and made bread, cooked squash, and roasted peppers. I guess we’re basically living on home made bread since trying to follow Lustig’s ideas about only eating real food and drastically cutting down on foods with additives in them.

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Yesterday at the end of the day Eileen pointed out that I had been my own worse enemy all day.

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She was right of course. In the afternoon I went to church to work and told her she didn’t need to come and help me. This was mostly because I wasn’t fit to be with man nor beast as they say.

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I’m not sure where my bad mood came from if it came from anywhere.  I tried to do some planning for upcoming anthems for the choir while I was at church. In the middle of this my computer died (needed charging).

I do think my new tack with my student worked.

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I told him we would try to have more fun and had him play through some easier Liszt, Tchaikovsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov.

And rehearsal went well in the evening.

My piano trio rehearsal today was lots of fun. In addition to working on our Clara Schumann piece, we played Oblivion on Piazolla.

Here’s a nice rendition of the same arrangement.

And about five or so minutes of this lovely Beethoven piano trio.

I came home and played through the entire movement. Nice stuff.