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I have had  a very full few days. Two presentations on the Martin Pasi organ within the last week, the arrival of loved ones from China, Eileen’s debilitating back pain (sciatic), hurriedly choosing four more anthems for the choir to rehearse for Lent, then preparing them for last night’s rehearsal, last night’s rehearsal, and that’s just what I recall right now.

I have been wondering if my online presence is winding down. I find social media increasingly vapid expect for connecting to friends and loved ones who are not physically near. My time to do what I prefer to do is becoming increasingly valuable to me. I have never had the sort of dialogue here that I envisioned when I first began doing a web site  years ago.

Hmmm. We’ll see. I am feeling especially happy and grateful to have Elizabeth, Jeremy, and Alex around. I miss having family nearby and I enjoy the company. It could be that I’m just spoiled right now and that’s another reason not to blog.

We did skype with Sarah today. She is doing okay. I know she would like to visit us more and/or see Eileen and I or really any of the family more often. I do miss her and I know that she checks here periodically to get updates on the Holland branch (Hi Sarah!).

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I finished Roccanon’s World by Le Guin. It is good solid writing. It makes me want to read more of her which is the plan.

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I also finished The Whole World in His Hands: A Pictorial Biography of Paul Robeson by his grand daughter, Susan Robeson recently. The Robeson story is amazing. He was way out in front on the human and civil rights issues, way before the 60s. He sounds like an amazing man and I am tempted to find out more about him. Susan Robeson’s bio is what you would expect from an adoring grand daughter. But what’s wrong with that?

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My new hardback copy of Watchmen arrived at the local news stand from whom I ordered it. I was disappointed that it didn’t date from after the TV series, but it’s still a nice book and I plan to read it a third time.

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My son-in–law, Jeremy recommended Grant Morrison’s comic books, Animal Man. Like so many of these series, he didn’t do all of them, but apparently his run was from about 1988 to 1995. I am reading some ebook versions of them. Jeremy mentioned the independent story by Morrison called “The Coyote Gospel.”

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It’s kind of fun. Wile E. Coyote as a Jesus of sorts.

The China branch of the family had a road trip planned for today to Chelsea to fraternize with the Ann Arbor branch of the Jenkinses but the weather is a bit snowy so they opted out and are still here.

Life is good on the home front except for Eileen’s pain. I went with her to the physical therapist yesterday. This PT person was a referral from our doctor and Eileen was favorably impressed with her. Hopefully she will get some relief soon.

NYTimes: The Supreme Court in the Mean Season

I am so glad that the “retired” Linda Greenhouse keeps sharing her observations and analysis of the Supreme Court. This is her latest.

busy jupe


Dear Reader,

I see it’s been a while since I have posted here. My life has been busy. Eileen got back safely from China and was followed in a few days by Elizabeth and Alex.  Last Thursday, Jeremy Daum arrived, so all my family is now safely in the USA. Eileen has been suffering from sciatic pain and has finally managed to get in to see a physical therapist next Wednesday. She also brought back a cold of sorts from England.

Elizabeth,  Jeremy, and Alex are staying with us. Their provisional return flight on Feb 28 has been canceled. Jeremy felt he should report into Yale in New Haven but they have asked him to wait two weeks at least before showing up.

This week, we are all planning to go visit extended family and stay with my brother in Chelsea for Thursday and Friday night.

I am enjoying having family around.

Last Thursday I did a presentation for Hope Academy of Senior Professionals. It was also a mini-recital. I played several pieces. Rhonda performed a piece that she had done at all three of these local organ presentations.  Even though, I could have easily improvised my way through this presentation, I chose instead to perform pieces and give a prepared presentation. This meant that I had to spend some time learning or relearning pieces. Consequently, I didn’t have time to choose new music for the choir. I did this yesterday.

The point is that between family, work, and trying to keep up my reading and studying I have been too busy to blog.

We skyped with the English branch of the fam on Feb 7th which is Sarah’s birthday.

I am finding that I feel a bit less of a need to blog when I have this much contact with people I care about.

Maybe I will blog more after retirement. If I ever get to retire. I do enjoy the musical end of my work immensely. So I’m not feeling burned out or ready to stop. But I do miss my boss who has been ill and not around.

The Last Time Democracy Almost Died | The New Yorker

Jill Lepore

Thirteen (Well, Ten) Ways of Looking at an Impeachment and Acquittal

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