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marathon report


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I had a bit of a marathon day yesterday. First thing I spent time with Finale putting in the hymn, “Comfort, comfort ye my people” so that my choir could sing it in four parts and also in the key of G major. It is my plan on the first Sunday of Advent to have them sing a verse before I play three of Georg Böhmn’s variations on it.



Then after breakfast I went to three places before arranging to rent a minivan next Monday to take my harpsichord to the Chris Brodersen’s shop.

After that to church. First I printed up corrected posters of our December recital. I gave Sarah the wrong spelling of the name of one of the musicians. So she had to go back and correct it and email me the new one which I then used to replace the old ones around the church and also on Facebook events.

I madly worked at church preparing for last night’s rehearsal. About half way through my tasks Eileen called and said she needed the mini to take the high chair to my Mom’s nursing home for the birthday party. I dropped everything and went home.

Mark,  Leigh, Ben, and Tony had arrived. We all went over to Mom’s nursing home for a birthday meal together.


Mom lasted about an hour.


Then we went to church so that several of the visitor’s could see the new organ.


After that  we all went back home for a chat and eventually some snacks. We ordered a pizza. Then rehearsal.

Today we do a Hatch Thanksgiving. Marathon Day 2.

Nautilus | Science Connected

It’s always interesting to me to listen to how people are getting their news. Tony, my nephew Ben’s husband, mentioned this site.

NYTimes: Colin Kaepernick and the Legacy of the Negro National Anthem

We sing “Lift Every Voice’ at church regularly. The trick is to not to take it too fast.

NYTimes: He Played Kennedy. Then He Became Himself.

Wow. I remember Vaughan Meader’s recordings well. My fam of origin had some of his records. I think I still have one of them. It is a bit sad to read about him bumming money.

NYTimes: 100 Notable Books of 2017

Dear reader, you know I love book lists. I haven’t finished any book on this list, but am reading a few of them.

‘American mercenaries’ are torturing arrested Saudi princes

Weirdly this link was on Drudge’s “right” list. Right as in “right wing.” I don’t see anything that “right” about the report. But it does mentioned Blackwater as involved in this ongoing weirdness.

an italian fabulist looks at consumer thanksgiving day


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I have been thinking a lot about Italo Calvino (1923-1985)..

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The New Yorker has two podcasts in which living authors read stories by him. I like listening to them at night. They play over and over on my tablet and enable me to quit thinking and fall asleep.

Here are links to them if you’re curious.

The Daughters of the Moon” by Italo Calvino read by Robert Coover.

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Love Far From Home” by Italo Calivon read by Salmon Rushdie.

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The first of these two stories is one of Calvino’s Cosmicomics. I have recently ordered both the Kindle book and a real book of this collection. I also purchased the narration that comes with the Kindle book.

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“The Daughters of the Moon” contains a thinly veiled critique of consumerism and specifically mentions Thanksgiving. Although it was written in the mid 60s, it was published in the New Yorker posthumously on Feb 23, 2009.

Here is a cool excerpt:

“That morning, the city was celebrating Consumer Thanksgiving Day. This feast came around every year, on a day in November, and had been set up to allow shoppers to display their gratitude toward the god Production, who tirelessly satisfied their every desire. The biggest department store in town organized a parade every year: an enormous balloon in the shape of a garishly colored doll was paraded through the main streets, pulled by ribbons that sequin-clad girls held as they marched behind a musical band. That day, the procession was coming down Fifth Avenue: the majorette twirled her baton in the air, the big drums banged, and the balloon giant, representing the Satisfied Customer, flew among the skyscrapers, obediently advancing on leashes held by girls in kepis, tassels, and fringed epaulets, riding spangly motorcycles.”

This is a kepi:

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NYTimes: Lyndon Johnson’s War Propaganda

All governments are jerks (and apparently dishonest).

How to Make Potatoes – NYT Cooking

This is kind of interesting. I picked up some tricks.

I did not know this story.

Here’s what’s coming to (and leaving from) Netflix in December


BBC Radio 3 – Saturday Classics, Max Richter

I like that this playlist (scroll down) includes such a wide range of styles. BBC do not leave their shows up indefinitely. This one expires on Dec 17, 2017.