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I forgot to bring the corrected homework to class today. This necessitated laboriously going through the answers with people not having the questions in front of them. This took a huge chunk of my class time. Moved on to review. Then finally the topic for the day of human song as found in Schubert lieder, A Schumann song cycle, a Sudanese indigenous sounding song and an example of Pygmy polyphony. By the time I reached Pygmy polyphony I was dieing.

Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you.
It definitely ate me today.

O well.

But there is an
there was
a package
in my box
with the
new edition
of the
text I use (that’s
the cover on the


I’m credited in
the list of
who made

It says
“Stephen Jenkins,
Grand Valley State University.”

Maybe it’s silly,
but this cheered
me up a bit
today, since
I died in class.

Another funny thing
is that I as I teach
I continue to think
of things I meant
to point out to them
about this text and
failed to mention
in my report.

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