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  • From Rhonda Edgington on books and music on Sunday afternoon

    I’m reading that Sauders book too – it’s great!

    • From jupiterj on books and music on Sunday afternoon


  • From Rhonda S Edgington on chatting in the rain and books, books, books

    Which Meacham are you reading?
    That Shake it Up looks super cool!
    Was great to hang out yesterday.

    • From jupiterj on chatting in the rain and books, books, books

      Hey. You must have changed your email. My silly WordPress didn’t recognize you, so that’s why your comment was pending. I have read The Soul of America by Meacham. It was spectacular to sit with you and Jordan in the rain on Monday. Thanks again!

  • From RYK on light at the end of my little tunnel

    Thanks for reading my book kind sir

    • From jupiterj on light at the end of my little tunnel


      Thanks for writing it!

  • From Leigh Jenkins on if i ever get to retire - UPDATED

    Would that be The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls? I read it years ago. It’s good. I’ll look and see if I still have it…

    • From jupiterj on if i ever get to retire - UPDATED

      Yes! You’re right! I keep calling it by the wrong title! I would like to read your copy while we visit if you can lay your hands on it. Thank you!

  • From Cindy Cosway on last full day of vacation

    Happy for you to retire. Enjoy!

    • From jupiterj on last full day of vacation

      Thank you!

  • From Sarah on book talk

    I seem to recall being teased for still acquiring my music via CDs.. 😉

    • From jupiterj on book talk

      Hah! You’re probably right! What are you listening to now?

  • From Jonny Keen on retirement day 13

    I have been reading your blog for years. Retirement is good.

    • From jupiterj on retirement day 13

      Jonny, I wondered if you were still bothering to come over here and read my silliness. Thanks! I hope you are doing well!

  • From Mark on still trying to understand

    I’ll have to read the article, of course, but your remarks lead me to think about whether an insurrection necessarily involves trained militiamen. The riots in Detroit are often called The Insurrection yet, of course, that was not a coordinated effort.

    American history is littered with uprisings and rebellions that can easily be (and have been) referred to as insurrections. I think the category mistake is equating an insurrection with civil war. Insurrections do not necessarily aim to overthrow the government. Often as not, I think, they are simply the mob reaction of people angry with something that may or may not be related to government.

    I think that, because some of the January 6 rioters carried the confederate flag, they are often thought of as a self conscious precursor to civil war. Of course, it’s possible that the events of that day could have led to such an outcome. But, as with many (most?) such riots, the desired outcome wasn’t necessarily clear to those engaged in the melee. The sad thing, IMHO, is that those who manipulated the mob into such action have not been and likely won’t be held accountable. And there is a high probability that they will do it again.

    • From jupiterj on still trying to understand

      Mark is back! Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree with you that this is likely to happen again and that it might be quibbling to not define Jan 6 as an insurrection. I also think that people like Bannon and Trump who wanted this to happen are very likely to continue to succeed in destroying the democracy.

  • From Rhonda S Edgington on rambling chats ahead


  • From Rhonda Edgington on there are no grown ups

    Hahaha! – I love that when Eileen said you were a “retired Choirmaster/ Organist”, she assumed that meant you lead a praise band.
    So West Michigan…

    Really glad your rash is feeling better!

  • From Jonny Keen on there are no grown ups

    Where ever you place your investment money/assets you want it to increase in value. Leaving the investment in a bank account it won’t increase in value.

    It is also good to have a Trust set up so if when you both pass away your investments etc. . . will go to your children and not the State. We set up a Trust many years ago so that everything we have goes to our children.

    Our investments have grown increasingly over the years. So look around for a good money man or woman. peace

    • From jupiterj on there are no grown ups

      Hi Jonny! Thank you for reading my silly blog. And thanks for the advice. I’ll probably update here when Eileen and I start to move on some of this.


  • From Mark on my 2 cents

    I hadn’t seen that Dave died. He had befriended me on FB, even though I was just the little kid brother of his friend who used to ride his bike to their house to visit. My recollection is that they lived at the top of the hill next to the field between us and Ainsworth high school.

    Yes, FB is pretty screwy in its algorithms. Annoying not to know sooner. Thanks for pointing it out.

    • From jupiterj on my 2 cents

      Mark, Thank you for reading this silly blog. Your memories are mine except that I think the school behind the Strong’s house was Carmen.

  • From Elizabeth on sagging morale

    I’m also excited to see the marimba and harpsichord reappear at your place. I love you! <3 I hope we can visit you soon.

    • From jupiterj on sagging morale

      Still working on it, but it’s going to happen. I love you!

  • From Emily J on jupe totally gets phished-----again

    Don’t feel like an old man because you’ve been phished! I was literally on my way to the store to buy gift cards three years ago before I figured out what was going on. When I called the man out on it he threatened me and transferred me to another man who threatened me again. The most frustrating thing was that when I called the police they told me there was literally NOTHING I could do. They transferred me to a place where I could describe the phishing attack but when I asked what actions would be taken there was a long pause and then I was told they wouldn’t really do anything.
    The REALLY frustrating thing is that a few months later I got a call claiming a debt collector was trying to contact me about an overdue bill and that it was going to be reported to my credit. After calling back I decided to ignore it because the whole thing felt scammy, and they had no real way to verify they were legit, and then lo and behold – I got a ping on my credit because it was real and I’d missed a medical bill. Such. Bullshit.
    At least with them they were able to remove the report immediately, and they commiserated a bit but admitted there really isn’t a way to tell between legitimate debt collection and other phishing attempts.
    I’m so glad you guys caught it in time. Hopefully that’s the last you’ll hear of scammers for a while! ❤️

    • From jupiterj on jupe totally gets phished-----again

      Emily, Thank you for reading my blog! It’s good to know it’s not only me that has been fooled! love from Uncle Steve

  • From Rhonda Sider Edgington on grateful for music family & friends

    Grateful to have you around too!

    • From jupiterj on grateful for music family & friends

      Ah shucks.

  • From Sarah on connecting & reading a diary

    Just a comment/credit for that last image, Marina Abromovich, Rest Energy

  • From Rhonda Edgington on blathering jupe

    I got How do you Live for Isaac and thought it looked really good – how do you like it?

    • From jupiterj on blathering jupe

      Haven’t picked it up. I’ll let you know when I get to it.

  • From Rhonda Sider Edgington on dreading tomorrow's oral surgery

    Glad I could help entertain!

  • From Rhonda Sider Edgington on what a day

    Bach at the piano is a great way to stay sane!
    I keep thinking I want to do like some famous musician dude, who said every morning he played a couple Bach prelude and fugues on the piano. Except every morning when I might like to do that, everyone else here is asleep!

    • From jupiterj on what a day

      Maybe you’re thinking of Pablo Casals. He played a prelude and fugue by Bach every morning and bragged that his cleaning lady would hum tunes from them because of it. I marvel that he had a cleaning lady.

  • From Sarah on the usual

    Ha, I saw that low carb cereal – it was like £100 a box!