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  • From Rhonda Edgington on jupe spends time with composers and authors

    Zadie Smith’s On Beauty is pretty great, if you haven’t gotten to that one yet…

    • From jupiterj on jupe spends time with composers and authors

      It is one of the ones on my to read stack and I have a copy of it.

  • From Rhonda Edgington on get thee behind me, church and composing

    Gene Yang is a total rock star – love everything he does! And that new Superman book is really great. If you like him, we also own his latest book about basketball (which, even though I am not at all a sports person, was a good read too)

  • From Rhonda Edgington on get thee behind me, church and composing

    Gene Yang is a total rock star – love everything he does!
    And that Superman book is really good.
    If you like him, we bought his latest graphic novel (Dragon Hoops, or something like that?) about basketball, which I liked a lot, despite having zero interest in sports.
    (which is humorously, one of the themes – artsy types who thought they didn’t like sports)

  • From Barry Best on well tempered jupe

    Good morning Jupiter. I am an old friend of Greg’s and also knew Duncan slightly through my friendship with Greg. He and I both graduated from Carmen High in ’69. For some reason I was thinking of him this morning and wondering whatever happened to him, and my Google search lead me to this page. Do you happen to know if he has any online presence or how I might get in touch with him? Thanks for any help.

    • From jupiterj on well tempered jupe


      I also graduated from Carmen in 1969. Greg is on Facebook. I seem to remember you were a musician in high school. Is that correct? Still doing music?

      Steve Jekins

  • From Jordan on video and update

    The shape of your second movement sounds very intriguing to me. Can’t wait to hear it! You know how I feel about Miles. 🙂

  • From Jordan on Saturday afternoon in the bunker

    Let me know how you like the Chick Corea book…I think he is one of the sages of this time. I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts.

  • From Rhonda Edgington on Saturday afternoon in the bunker

    I was thinking about this recently too – why should liberals give up on the flag, just because we have stereotypes about the folks who often fly it? Then it just plays into the argument that there is a certain correct way to be patriotic, and questioning doesn’t fit into that.

  • From Cindy Cosway on made it to 69

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

    • From jupiterj on made it to 69

      Thank you! Hope you are doing well! love from Uncle Steve

  • From Rhonda Edgington on butt kicked and lucky

    Love those Buxtehude pieces – they will sound great on the Pasi!!

  • From Rhonda Edgington on dreaming again or living in imagination (see the Glück poem linked)

    That poem is fabulous – thanks for sharing!!

    • From jupiterj on dreaming again or living in imagination (see the Glück poem linked)

      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading my blog!

  • From Denise Nanney on Paul Jenkins stories

    Steve, did you get my last message? My last name was Staehli. I believe you’re pretty close to my brother Chris’ age. We lived directly across the street from Coolidge school. I’d love to read more stories about your dad. Your dad baptized me 😊

    • From jupiterj on Paul Jenkins stories


      I did respond to your previous message (see above). Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m not planning on updating stories about Dad soon. But this would be the place to look for them.

      Best wishes,

      Steve Jenkins

  • From Aenne on the unpleasantness at the harpsichord shop

    Interesting that you wrote this about “the snob” before getting your instrument back from him. Hope he didn’t read it and “fix” your instrument accordingly. 🙂

    • From jupiterj on the unpleasantness at the harpsichord shop

      Ha! Good point! I’m happy to report that the repairman did a fine job on my old Zuckermann.

  • From Leigh on Jupe finally remembers he has a blog

    It’s about time! I love your pieces, especially Greensleeves.

    • From jupiterj on Jupe finally remembers he has a blog

      Leigh, Thanks for your kind words about my silly Xmas pieces. And thanks for reading!

  • From Rhonda Edgington on Jupe finally remembers he has a blog

    Gosh, these are great! I might post them on the Hope Church FB page, they are so fun.
    My favorite is the Snow Lay on the Ground.
    Gosh, I need to find some friends to play these now!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • From jupiterj on Jupe finally remembers he has a blog

      Thanks for your compliments! These pieces are turning out to be some of my more popular work.

  • From Sarah on sunday afternoon in holland

    Thanks for the updates. I love you! X x

    • From jupiterj on sunday afternoon in holland

      It was good to chat with you today. I love you! Hang in there, baby.

  • From Rhonda Edgington on still sporadically blogging for the time being

    You bought me A Tale for the Time Being, and I loved it. In case I never thanked you – thank you!

  • From Sarah on Lorrie Moore and Gregory Orr

    Been meaning to comment – your typo on the Moore blog quote is a bit confusing. X x

  • From Rhonda Edgington on new music

    The Shaw stuff is really cool! Thanks for sharing!!

  • From suki on a few fun facts and the usual rambling

    Just an fyi, the photo you posted of Onesimus is not the same Onesimus who introduced innoculation in the late 1700’s. Photographs were not invented until almost 100 years later in 1826. This is a different Onesimus.

  • From Rhonda Edgington on a bit of an insight

    Memorizing is a super interesting topic! Like you, I’ve pretty much stopped now that I’m not in school, and don’t have anyone making me.

    But back when I did it more, and spent more time thinking about it, it was fascinating for me to realize that the more senses we can involved in the experience, the stronger our “memory” of the piece will be.
    So muscle memory is one – often the first one we use, it’s not bad, it gets us started.

    But then your aural memory is another, I’ll bet it’s a strong sense for you. Do you know how it sounds? Could you sing it from memory?

    Then there are other ways to cue into the piece – what about visual. How your hands look when playing, or how the score looks – can you visualize the actual score?
    An interesting exercise is to try and visualize/ sing your way through the piece away from the score. I used to do this to fall asleep at night, but I don’t think it would be relaxing anymore!

    Some people like to involve some kind of analysis of a piece in the memorizing process. That was never my thing, but I would find that certain analytical ways of thinking about the piece could help me a lot in tricky spots, such as – the second cadence is a half cadence, when that motive comes around at the end, if leads to the 16th note passage, etc.

    I also will occasionally have this same conversation as you with myself – it would be good for me to do some memorizing… But then I don’t get too far with it.
    And one does absolutely learn the piece better when one memorizes it! So good for you!

    Maybe you’ve read this all already, but just wanted to chime in.
    Sorry for the nerdy digression. Keep relaxing!!

    • From jupiterj on a bit of an insight


      Thank you for your fascinating comments! I always appreciate hearing from you and what you have to say.

      Vacation’s almost done. I would love to have social distanced tea and coffee with you and Jordan after Easter.