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  • From Mark on a little jet lag but still glad to have visited and glad to be home

    Welcome home! We’re looking forward to seeing you for Thanksgiving. I bought a Trader Joe’s tofurkey type thing. And will be picking up a turkey at our CSA on the Tuesday before. And will be baking Apple and Pecan pies at a Zingerman’s Bake! Class on Wednesday. I may pick up rolls at the Common Grille in Chelsea on my way home (their rolls are wonderful). Leigh will probably do most of the cooking since I am usually the cook around here. You can touch base with her about what all she is planning and what the kids might be bringing. My guess is that Emily will bring some sort of gluten free desert for herself. If you hang around until Saturday, we can either eat out on Friday or have leftovers.

  • From Jordan on hello again

    Hello again from a reader without the last name Jenkins.

    • From jupiterj on hello again

      Jordan, I hope you are well! I follow your adventures on Facebook! Thanks for reading!

  • From Rhonda Edgington on another quick post

    We like you, even when you are grumpy! 🙂

    • From jupiterj on another quick post

      Hah! Thanks!

  • From Rhonda Edgington on neglecting the blog

    congrats on the new grandbaby!!

    • From jupiterj on neglecting the blog

      Thank you!

  • From Rhonda Edgington on Eileen safe in England and 2 American Treasures

    Maybe you like being a hermit, but if not, you’re welcome over her for a vegan dinner sometime in the next three weeks!

  • From jupiterj on Eileen safe in England and 2 American Treasures

    I’m just seeing this. I do like being a hermit, but I also enjoy company. Are you all vegan now? I also go to bed early after my 5 PM martini which could prove problematic…..

  • From Rhonda Edgington on busy jupe

    Wow – those links were both really good – thanks!!

    • From jupiterj on busy jupe

      You’re welcome!

  • From David on another quick blog

    Are you alive? If I didn’t know any better I would say something is amiss.

    • From jupiterj on another quick blog

      I am alive! Nothing is amiss. Just very busy. Eileen is suffering from debilitating sciatic nerve pain, today is Ash Wednesday. My boss has been ill a second time. And we have family visiting. Just busy. Hope you are well. love from Dad

      • From David on another quick blog

        Sorry Eileen is in pain. Glad you are doing ok. Sometimes busy is good but I get it with Ash Wednesday and this time of year you are so busy. I’m doing as best as can be expected.

      • From David on another quick blog

        One of the in-laws just recently went off to Marine Corps boot camp. My sister in law Shellys oldest boy. He will make a fine Marine specimen. I have known him all his life. Reminded me of when I went off to boot camp. Culture shock for me but probably not for him as he was in military school for high school. He is going into intelligence so my hopes for him is that he is not sent to the sand box on the front like I was. He is a good kid with a good head on his shoulder so I believe he will do well. Just FYI.
        David j

  • From Cindy Cosway on another quick blog

    Yay for a full house! I hope Eileen gets some relief.

  • From Rhonda Edgington on corona virus vacation

    Huh… we live streamed our entire service today (did it all for an empty sanctuary, which was weird!), and no one thought at all about copyright issues. I played Bach, Scheidemann, and some Brit for the organ music, so that’s probably mostly not an issue, I can’t imagine Facebook giving two cents about organ music anyway. But I have to admit, I did not think about this at all… And what about our weekly radio broadcast?
    The Scheidemann is right at the beginning – in case you’re interested in listening! (I think it’s a pretty cool setting of Erbarm dich – the second verse of the setting)

    • From jupiterj on corona virus vacation

      I videoconferenced with my staff today. The Episcopalians in Michigan have recommended not streaming at this point. It looks like we aren’t going to do so this Sunday as well.

  • From Cindy Cosway on refreshing my spirit

    I hope the MRI results provide some information & a plan to help improve her situation!

    • From jupiterj on refreshing my spirit

      It turns out she has a pinched nerve. She has an appointment with a pain management clinic tomorrow, but of course that might get canceled due to the Covid 19 lockdown. If so, I hoping they can at least medicate her temporarily.

  • From Sarah on refreshing my spirit

    You don’t have to update the blog just for me. …but with everyone on lockdown soon, your traffic might increase anyway! I love you x x

    • From jupiterj on refreshing my spirit

      Hah! I had about twenty-two hits yesterday.

  • From jupiterj on refreshing my spirit

    Hah! I had about twenty-two hits yesterday.

  • From Rhonda Edgington on jardin secret

    I’ve been intrigued about that How to Disappear book since you’ve mentioned it before. When you finish it, could I borrow it?

    Also, have you ever read What I Hate: from A to Z, by Roz Chast? I have it from the library, and thought you and your gang might enjoy it. Would be happy to drop it off if so. It’s an amusing, short read.

    Oh, and did you ever see the movie Far from the Tree? It’s based on the book by Andrew Solomon, and they are both really stunning works. Solomon is a brilliant abd thorough writer (he has another book on depression that I’ve also heard about) and such a compassionate guide through some very difficult but also heartening stories of families and struggle.

    Anyway, just some ideas!

    • From jupiterj on jardin secret


      Thanks for leaving me a message. I will definitely lend you the How to Disappear book after I finish it. Of course, I read many books at once and it may be a while. In addition, I tend mark my books up.

      The Chast sounds familiar. I think I read it, but by all means drop it off if you want.

      I don’t know Far from the Tree. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

      Hope you are well,

      Jeve Stenkins

  • From Rhonda Edgington on feeling spoiled

    Glad you can take advantage of the Readers World thing (because Amazon doesn’t really need our dollars…) – and I bought music from Craig too!

  • From Rhonda Edgington on new bookshop and new book

    I just heard about this site too, and it’s pretty cool!

    • From jupiterj on new bookshop and new book

      And you can order books they don’t have on the shelf. I figured out how to do that.

  • From Sarah on a poem and some books

    Nice poem. I love you x

    • From jupiterj on a poem and some books

      Thanks, baby! Thank you so much for reading it! love from Dad

  • From Rhonda Edgington on crazy shit

    Yikes, sounds rough! I’ve been pondering how so many things that are appealing about making music for and with people (as well as doing church) are off the table right now, and how discouraging that feels.
    And this reminds me I’m going to text you about an outside coffee!

  • From Rhonda Edgington on little update from the old guy

    What did you play by Anne Krenz Organ? I like her stuff!

  • From Rhonda Edgington on animal crackers and talking to England

    Love the animal crackers!!!