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  • From Mark on a little jet lag but still glad to have visited and glad to be home

    Welcome home! We’re looking forward to seeing you for Thanksgiving. I bought a Trader Joe’s tofurkey type thing. And will be picking up a turkey at our CSA on the Tuesday before. And will be baking Apple and Pecan pies at a Zingerman’s Bake! Class on Wednesday. I may pick up rolls at the Common Grille in Chelsea on my way home (their rolls are wonderful). Leigh will probably do most of the cooking since I am usually the cook around here. You can touch base with her about what all she is planning and what the kids might be bringing. My guess is that Emily will bring some sort of gluten free desert for herself. If you hang around until Saturday, we can either eat out on Friday or have leftovers.

  • From Jordan on hello again

    Hello again from a reader without the last name Jenkins.