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  • From Sue on alexander's ragtime technique

    Very nice Alexander Technique rif! Love it. Visitors might want to check out their website at

    Keep up the good work!

  • From Robert on alexander's ragtime technique

    I also like your presentation of the Technique – expect for one sentence: “Later when I returned to rehearsing I concentrating on holding my body easily erect with a naturally elevated head.”

    I wonder what would happen if you stopped: 1. concentrating and 2. holding

    How about: “I’m not not tightening my neck” and/or “I’m not fixing my head” Lots more possibilities of course.

    Give it a shot!

  • From Frani on alexander's ragtime technique

    Ah, well – describing about what is happening when you are using Alexander Technique to undo what is stuck is usually tricky and challenging in itself. However you described it, actually applying the A.T. discipline was the point – because it worked! Telling your story about it gives a great flavor to your experience of what it is like to be a musician. There’s lots of ways to learn the wrong thing by mistake when you’re always learning pieces to play – your practical tips about how to get around anxiety are comforting. Plus the pictures were the best part. Thanks for keeping this blog!

  • From jupiterj on alexander's ragtime technique

    Very very cool. Thank you, Sue, Robert, and Frani for your responses. This is sort of my idealized dream of the internets, that people can have conversation around common interests and ideas.

    Living in the western portion of Michigan, I find there are no Alexander Technique teachers closer than Ann Arbor. I am seriously considering setting up a lesson or two this summer if possible.

  • From Mary L.Jenkins on more alexander tech talk & dolphin bubble heads

    Your article on dolphins was something new for me to learn…I did not know this about see, you can still teach an old dog new tricks…..

  • From Ruth Rootberg on alexander's ragtime technique

    Hey Jupiterj:

    You’re in luck – the next AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique) annual meeting will be in Ann Arbor, June 16-20. There are usually opportunities for the public to have lessons or classes. Check out in the next few weeks.

  • From the youngest daughter on overthinking. over thinking.

    ah, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “distracting one’s self away from self sabotage”… I’m making a serious effort lately to keep my head more balanced. I spent a whole lot of time feeling depressed and guilty about my unemployment and lack of future prospects over the last few months, and I’m determined not to keep heading in that direction. In the spirit of a fresh new year, I have managed to keep my head fairly clear for the majority of each week, only being severely upset about my situation maybe one day a week.

    anyway, I hope you find something nice at Barnes & Noble. Who is mom’s friend that’s playing?

    i love you,


  • From David J on soul windows

    In regards to civic engagement it is people like the ones who created this application that will assist with getting citizens more involved with government at all levels….
    David J

  • From David j on quick update

    Whats the deal with “Bah”? Are you being sheepish?

    • From jupiterj on quick update

      bah: “An exclamation expressive of extreme contempt or distemper; A joking acceptance of loss in some form of competition, or humourous agreement” intended usage in regard to my friend’s dying wife: “curses” or “damn!” same meaning intended yesterday in regard to having to quit to do some work. No sheepish (“sheepishness – shamefacedness: feeling embarrassed about yourself “) intended.

      It always surprises when people actually read this dang blog. Thank you for reading….. I hope things are going well. love from Dad

  • From David J on a good day

    Interesting article about the president and us generation x….

    David J

  • From Davidj on I don't want to be in the movie

    Take it easy! Caaalllm down…reeeelax .Remember your own
    movies in your head are influencing your thoughts. And if all else fails remember ancient Chinese proverb …Man who run in front of car get tired, but man who run behind car get exhausted…
    David j

  • From davidj on this and that

    Remember ancient Chinese proverb…

    Crowded elevator smell different to midget!

  • From Franis on I don't want to be in the movie

    I have a similar issue with “branding myself” that I’ve often struggled with – but never put in words so eloquently as you have done here. All I knew was that it had to do with a distaste for self-marketing, professionalism and people who do not “walk their talk.” Thanks for your articulation!

    • From jupiterj on I don't want to be in the movie

      Thank you Fran and David for reading and commenting! I am flattered. See today’s post (2/8/10) for a bit more on some of this (It’s toward the end)

  • From Davidj on another good day hopefully

    That last book looks interesting. Maybe you can relate since you are emotionally weird. Relax kidding!
    Remember ancient Chinese proverb…
    Man who eat many prunes get good run for money…
    David j

  • From eileen on another good day hopefully

    Geez, for not “working” you sure get a lot of work done! I’m sure there’s a Chinese proverb that covers this one 🙂

  • From the youngest daughter on high school for sure dude

    I’m just catching up on your blogs this morning..
    I’m shocked to hear that you went to your saturday gig without your netbook! I thought you took that with you everywhere…. hehe. x

  • From Steve on drained but functioning

    just writing to tell you I read you every day-peace Jonny Ray

  • From David j on poems and ashes

    I feel compelled to respond to your post…..but I will do it in an email….
    David J

  • From David j on quick pre-bill session post

    be sure to check your email jupiter jenkins….

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